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Innomatik – Your ally in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

The boundless potential of AI permeates every facet of business, from research and development, supply chains, and production, to marketing and post-sales support. No industry or process can evade the pervasive influence of AI.

We firmly believe that regardless of industry, location, or business stage, AI can bring immense benefits to every enterprise.

We find ourselves at the threshold of a transformative era. Our founders have been intimately involved with disruptive technologies since the 1980s. Now, we stand on the cusp of a time when the Metaverse, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence will unveil new horizons and forever alter the economic landscape, not only for conglomerates but for entire nations.

Innomatik serves as your guiding beacon in the age of the AI revolution. With our extensive research experience spanning many years, we are the ideal partner to embark on the journey of digital transformation with the aid of AI. Our team of experts is poised to conceptualize and deploy tailored AI solutions to address your unique challenges.

In the forthcoming years, AI will prove to be a game changer for the economy.
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B-IT Lab – Where AI dreams come true

We established the B-IT Lab to offer you not just the most cutting-edge technologies, but also the most optimal solutions. Within our dedicated in-house research lab, we rigorously test and scrutinize technologies to consistently deliver you the absolute forefront of advancements, tailored precisely to your specific requirements.

Ongoing Projects

Augmented Reality
Through the implementation of augmented reality, technicians can seamlessly overlay pertinent information, instructions, or even videos directly within their field of vision in real time to enhance maintenance workflows.

Robotics Solutions
By integrating advanced robotic systems into technical work environments, we achieve a twofold increase in overall productivity and employee safety.

Optical Character Recognition
The incorporation of optical character recognition alongside digital twins streamlines object searchability and facilitates the efficient capturing of vast amounts of data.

Image-based Object Recognition
When image-based object recognition is harmoniously integrated with digital twins, it amplifies time savings for employees seeking specific assets or machines.

Virtual Reality
Employing virtual reality not only enriches employee learning and comprehension, but also establishes heightened safety standards while providing a cost-effective training platform.

Large Language Models
By assimilating Large Language Models into existing business processes, automatic ticket categorization, intelligent response generation, and swift resolution of customer inquiries become second nature.

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Through our events, we aim to demonstrate the benefits and potential of disruptive technologies, assisting you in leveraging them for your business’s success. Our team of experts will showcase innovative strategies and share best practices, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends to position your company for future growth and advancement.

Are you passionate about cutting-edge IT projects and technologies?

Do you have experience in AI, machine learning, AR/VR apps, app development, 3D graphics, or image processing? Then join our innovative family-owned company where we offer you the chance to advance your career through your commitment and creative ideas. We have challenging projects with well-known customers, and whether it’s for your final thesis (Bachelor/Master) or as the next step in your professional career, we want you to join us in developing the technologies of tomorrow.

Apply now with your CV and motivation letter at info@innomatik.com and help us shape the future of technology!

Current vacancies

AI Engineer for Image Processing (m/f/d)
AI Engineer for Natural Language Processing (m/f/d)
Project Coordinator (m/f/d)
Working Student for AI (m/f/d)


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