Experience the future at the B-IT Lab Afterhours!

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Deploying artificial intelligence safely and successfully in a company setting

When: 5 p.m. on June 19
Where: Berliner Ring 103, 64625 Bensheim, Germany

ChatGPT, Gemini & Luminous – everyone knows these AI chatbots and almost everyone has certainly tried them out. However, everyone should be aware by now that such systems are not suitable for corporate environments with sensitive data. So how can companies integrate artificial intelligence (AI) securely and effectively into their processes?

In this edition of B-IT Lab Afterhours, we would like to precisely address this question and look at the basics of AI, which are crucial for its use in a company setting. In discussions with customers, we are often asked how companies or professional organizations can initiate and successfully complete an AI project. In this context, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for companies and will give you practical insights into how you can initiate an AI project in your company and make it a success – avoiding the pitfalls that cause most AI projects to fail.

So, register for free today, join us in Bensheim on June 19 and exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people about successful AI project implementations.

Frank Rust
Head of B-IT Lab

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